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Hi, and welcome!

January 24, 2012

Welcome to The Second Criterion, my new blog about science and science communication.  I’m not 100% sure that the web needs yet another science blog, but I want to become a better science communicator, and I think that forcing myself to write regularly about science is a good way to start.  I’m going to aim for writing a post at least every two weeks, though posts may be less frequent when I’m busy at work.

Since my goal is to practice writing, I’m going to write about whatever science topics I find interesting, and I’d love feedback.  Constructive criticism is welcome!  The mix of subjects will probably be eclectic, and will range from current research and cool science trivia to book reviews, history of science, and science communication.  If you are interested in all of these topics, that’s awesome.  Otherwise, I’ll try to assign appropriate categories and tags to all of my posts, and you should feel free to filter things down as you like.

I’ll start off  next week with a series of posts about lasers in science fiction, and whether or not lasers can actually do what the movies say they can.  From there, we’ll just have to see what strikes my fancy!


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  1. Yes! Welcome to the science interwebz!! I’m psyched!

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